Who We Are

Savin' Juice is a volunteer-run, foster based nonprofit dog rescue in the Willamette Valley.  Our founders began it all saving a dog named Juice and from that moment forward our mission has been saving dogs, one dog at a time. 

We are run by volunteer power and operate with the generous donations of an amazing dog-loving community!

One Dog at a Time


Dogs find their way to our rescue through various avenues; owner surrenders, vet outreach, and agency transfers all bring dogs in need to the rescue.


Each dog in rescue was able to be saved because a foster family stepped up for them.  Become a foster today and help save lives! 


We strive to create a welcoming adopter environment and have made the application process with that in mind. 

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Mail Donations to 2220 NW Hayes Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330

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 Do not use to apply for a dog, scoll up to the adoption link ONLY



Help us make a change.. One Dog at a Time